Sunday, September 12, 2010

Be Not Afraid Only Believe

This talk, given by Gordon B Hinkley two days before 9/11 was very meaningful to me. I was there at the Conference Center when he gave it and I remember thinking to myself, "This man really gets it". Little did we realize at that time how important the title would be when two days later our nation was attacked here on American soil, rocking the very core of some people.

The lack of belief in anything will be the downfall of our great nation. We have so many people who have an "Anything goes" mentality that instead of standing for something we end up standing for nothing. Standing for nothing will not create the kind of passion necessary for greatness.

The adversary knows this and uses this tool to create an apathy towards anything that will point one towards God. This is and will continue to be one of his greatest tools.

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