Sunday, July 6, 2008

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I love the fact that regardless of where you go in the world you're pretty likely to find a congregaton of Latter Day Saints who more or less are just like you. But regardless, they share your same beliefs and values, and you'll get the next lesson more or less from what you had last week.

My new boss was discussing how new churches get formed when a pastor of one church gets in trouble for something they do or say and simply form a new church. The commonality of new churches are that for the most part they are preaching to the crowd and giving the people they preach to what they want to hear (this is all his words, not mine.) It is a ploy to attract as many people to your brand of the Gospel with the end result of them donating to your church (See any mega church in Texas to understand this phenomena.)

When one of my new co-workers asked if I had chosen a church it was interesting to say yes and no. I don't have a home so I don't have a ward but it really doesn't matter. Unlike most churches when our congregation gets too big they just divide it in two to personalize the Gospel Of Jesus Christ and minister to the individual. I LOVE THAT!!!!

So, I've been trying to decide where to live and part of that decision was to see if I like the congregation before I moved there. So I narrowed my search down and chose to attend the San Pedro Ward because I liked the area (and their 1:00 PM start time!) When I introduced myself and told them that I was looking for a place to live I was offered my choice of several homes for sale and was told by the counselor from the pulpit in Priesthood Meeting that I needed to move into zip code 78232 so I could be a member of their ward! Talk about feeling welcomed.

This is a far cry from my last ward who when I advised I planned on staying at least 9 months because of my lease I was basically dismissed and treated as if I would not be able to contribute. (4 years later they are scrambling to find someone to fill the 4 callings I held there!)

Needless to say I really liked the San Pedro Ward and will try my best to find a place in their boundaries. One brother told me there were several single women in the ward and when word got out I was single they would be swarming (that could be good or bad!) How lucky am I? I'm so glad that in our church the "same ol' same ol' is a GREAT Thing!

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